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Online Gambling Licenses A reliable online casino business starts with obtaining an online gambling license. It allows running a casino legally and proves the provider’s trustworthy behavior and commitment to a fair gaming policy. A license is also an indicator of transparency in business operations and security of the gaming software offered to customers. It is impossible to set up a merchant account in a bank without a proper gambling license. Banks are very careful about their business partners and are always willing to cooperate with a company acknowledged by a regulatory body in a certain jurisdiction. There are many jurisdictions all over the world that issue gambling licenses to online casinos. The most reputable and popular ones are the UK and the Caribbean and Pacific Islands, as well as in St Kitts, Dominica, Curacao, Antigua and Barbuda and Vanuatu. Online gambling licenses are issued only after the online casino business meets the requirements of the chosen jurisdiction.

Online Gambling Licensing in Curacao

The Netherlands Antilles are a part of the Lesser Antilles just off the coast of Venezuela to the South-East of the Virgin Islands. They constitute an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and cover an area of 800 sq km. Willemstad is the capital, and Dutch, English and Papiamento are its official languages. Spanish is not an official language, but is widely used. Curaçao is the largest Island of the Netherlands Antilles and is known as one of the proven providers of responsible e-gaming services with over a decade of comprehensive experience. Curaçao used to be a part of the Netherlands Antilles up to October, 10, 2010 when Curaçao gained the status of a constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The first Governor of Curaçao is Frits Goedgedrag, who is accountable to the government of the Kingdom. read review

Online Gambling Licensing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica
The Central American country of Costa Rica has always been famous for its tolerant governmental system, a decent telecommunications infrastructure and a growing diversity of goods and services. But the question of online gambling legislation in Costa Rica is one of the most disputable, though the country is considered to be the one with the most popular gaming jurisdictions. Costa Rica has become a home jurisdiction for more than 300 online gambling companies, without a legislation specifically dealing with online gambling. There is legislation to restrict land-based gambling, but according to the legal system of Costa Rica these laws do not apply to Internet gambling. As no specific license is required, all gambling corporations work under a “data processing license” which must be obtained in the Municipality. read review

Online Gambling Licensing in Malta

Malta was the first EU member state to introduce Remote Gambling regulations. The single legislative body managing all gambling activities in Malta is the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA). It is responsible for regulating casino gaming, commercial bingo and communication games, remote gaming, sports betting, the National and other lotteries, non-profit games. The authority aims at being neutral in terms of technology and game of any type of gambling by means of distant communication providing decent Online Gambling Jurisdiction in Malta. It means that any remote game which can be completely monitored under Malta LGA is considered for licensing. The most dynamic Internet gambling sector in Malta is regulated by the Remote Gaming Regulations 2004. read review

Online Gambling Licensing in Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) is the statutory body responsible for overseeing the regulation of the telecommunications sector. The GRA was established in 2000. It is responsible for regulating the telecommunications sector in Gibraltar, including online gambling. This was set and ordered by the 2005 Gambling Act. The GRA’s gambling division primarily licenses tried and tested operators and requires software testing as part of the process. Remote gambling licenses are issued only after companies have proven their gaming industry track record, namely one that is reputable and includes a business plan that is viable and realistic. Licensees are controlled and managed from Gibraltar at all times during the license period. read review

Online Gambling Licensing in Kahnawake

Located in Quebec, Canada, the Indian reserve Kahnawake, which is home for only several thousand people, sees considerable income from their efforts involving licensing of Internet casinos, poker rooms and sportbooks. Besides the regulatory authority, the Kahnawake own and manage the MIT data center as well. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission grants licenses for interactive gambling sites to operate from its territory and follows them with regularly executed testing and the regulatory efforts. Each application fee for an interactive gaming license is 5,000 Canadian dollars. Other fees and deposits follow, resulting, in case the application is accepted, in a license for two years to operate the interactive gaming site. Some of the fees paid by the licensed gaming operation over the expenses of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in its probity and systems testing. read review

Online Gambling Licensing in Panama

The Republic of Panama is the southernmost country of Central America. It is bordered by Costa Rica to the north-west, Colombia to the south-east, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. Panama is one of the biggest financial, merchant and transport centres in Latin America. Panamanian law is based on Spanish Civil Law. The official language is Spanish, but English is widely spoken too. The official currency is Balboa, but US Dollar is used too. Panama is an independent and sovereign state and has no information exchange agreements with other countries. That means that an official letter from the tax office in your country to any of Panamanian banks or government agencies will fail to produce the result. That is what is meant with sovereign country. Panama is independent and unlimited by any other country. It has its own government & is not subject to another power. read review

New Perspective of Online Gambling License

Online gambling licensing has become a new landmark in online gambling industry. The idea of introducing the practice of online casino licensing was targeted primarily at improving the quality of online casino services delivery and has finally turned into a prerequisite for conducting legal gambling business online. By obtaining an online gambling license, an online casino certifies that it adheres to the accepted standards of online casino conduct. Licensing also ensures that there is no misconduct within an online gambling website, thus gaining the trust of players and therefore increasing the success of the website. Obtaining a gambling license removes any legal, reputational or bureaucratic barriers that might get in the way of you running your business. Here are the reasons why obtaining a license is the core of you online gambling business success. High standards are required of an online casino business in order to gain a gambling license. Failure to meet all requirements of a regulatory body issuing gambling licenses will prevent a gambling business from gaining one. This ensures that all gambling websites that obtain a license in a reputable online gambling jurisdiction are of the highest quality. Online gambling licensing has had an unprecedented impact on the online gambling community. It has restored the positive image and reputation of online gambling and regained players’ trust and confidence. Moreover, the quality of the online gambling services delivered to players has grown enormously.

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